Garden Log: Italian Basil Front Garden

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Hopefully, this is a documentation of going from seed to tons of Italian Basil by the end of the year. I will update you every few days to show progress so that you can learn what to or not to do.


Day 1: July 21

This is absolutely a late time of year to try to start basil outdoors according to everyone on the internet. I had dogs and chickens ( long story) ruin a few earlier basil runs, so when I realized how many seeds I still had I decided to toss some in the ground and see how it goes.

Seeds Used: Basil from Naturez Edge

Methods: I recently broke up the soil after harvesting potatoes so I just leveled it out by hand, tossed the seeds, lightly covered them, covered them with leaves, watered, and labeled them.

Water: 1 cup

Temp: 85 all day


Day 2:

Still waiting on germination, it will be another few days. I’m planning on giving the plot 1 cup of water per day until I see sprouts.

Water: 1 Cup

Temp: 80s

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