Blueberry Bushes BFFs: Companions for Blueberries

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If you are looking for a better blueberry patch, consider adding some of their friends nearby.


Azaleas are acid-loving plants that make great companions for blueberries due to their similar soil pH requirements. When planted together, they create a visually stunning landscape and provide partial shade, which can be beneficial for blueberries during hot summer months.


Like azaleas, rhododendrons are acid-loving plants that complement blueberries well. They offer shade and help create a favorable microclimate for blueberry bushes, enhancing their growth and overall health.


Ferns are shade-loving plants that can grow beneath the canopy of blueberry bushes. They not only add beauty to the landscape but also help retain soil moisture, prevent weed growth, and create a more natural and forest-like environment for blueberries.


Lingonberries are close relatives of blueberries and share similar growth requirements. Planting lingonberries alongside blueberries can enhance pollination, encourage beneficial insects, and create a diverse berry harvest, offering a variety of flavors for your enjoyment.


Chives have natural pest-repelling properties, and their onion-like scent can deter pests that might otherwise bother blueberries. Planting chives along the edges of your blueberry beds can help protect the bushes and keep unwanted pests at bay.


Clover is a nitrogen-fixing plant that enriches the soil by converting nitrogen from the air into a usable form for plants. Planting clover as a cover crop between blueberry bushes can improve soil fertility and structure, promoting healthier blueberry growth.

Daffodils (Narcissus spp.):

Daffodils are excellent companion plants for blueberries as they help deter pests like aphids and thrips. Their bright flowers add a splash of color to your garden in early spring before the blueberries start to bloom, creating a delightful and vibrant garden display.


Tansy is a natural insect repellent that can deter pests like ants, beetles, and flying insects from your blueberry bushes. Planting tansy near your blueberries can help protect them from unwanted insect damage.

Yarrow is a beneficial companion plant that attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and predatory wasps to your garden. These beneficial insects prey on harmful pests, helping to keep the blueberry bushes free from destructive insects.


Oregano is a fragrant herb with pest-repelling properties. Planting oregano near blueberries can deter pests and add culinary value to your garden, allowing you to harvest fresh herbs for cooking.

By adding companions for blueberries you will get numerous benefits for your bushes, including improved pollination, pest control, and soil enrichment. By carefully selecting these companion plants and incorporating them into your garden, you can create a harmonious and thriving ecosystem that fosters healthier and more productive blueberry plants.

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