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With our articles and your Amazon Prime Membership, you can be ready to mulch your garden in a day or two! We have compiled all of our tool recommendations for what you will need to get the job done like a pro.


Wheelbarrows are a very simple machine that every gardener needs. It is unfortunate that every good one is a ton of money, but it will last you a lifetime once you buy it. The featured wheelbarrow is an A.M. Leonard Polytub, 6 cubic foot capacity model that can support up to 500 lbs. That is more weight than you could possibly put in there of mulch and would handle more stone than you would want to push through your yard at one time.

When I have to buy a new wheelbarrow for our crews, it is normally because of the need for multiple on a job site, not because they break down. I still have an A.M. Leonard and a True Temper that have been used commercially for almost 10 years. If you treat them responsibly and store them in a shed or garage, they will last you a lifetime.


Work Gloves:

You don’t need anything too heavy-duty for your hands when doing mulch. If you are doing a dyed mulch, gloves are a good idea to limit the staining on your hands.¬† Anything breathable is good, our recommended option is a great deal and they hold up well.

Scoop Shovel:

A good Scoop Shovel is imperative for moving mulch. I have a love/hate relationship with the aluminum model that I recommended above, but let me explain. In our work settings, we beat these things up really quickly, rarely will one make it through a season. The aluminum will break at the edge when we hit a side at the bottom of the trailer or in transport. What I love about them, super strong and lightweight which makes the jobs go smoother. Why I recommended them is that for a homeowner who isn’t running through hundreds of yards of mulch in a week, it will last many seasons and do you well. This deal also comes in a two-pack which should make it easier to get a spouse or your kids to help out.

Hard Rake:

I think it is better to have a composite handle than a wooden handle because they are less likely to give you splinters. I also like a bright colored rake because they are easier to spot in a lawn.


If you want to protect your driveway or use to store and shield from the elements, these hold up pretty well.

Now all you have to do is get your mulch ordered and you will be ready to mulch!

Be sure to check out the FREE Colin Can Help Mulch Guide to ensure your project gets done like a pro.

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